I’m all about hand crafted, user friendly websites, lovingly built to respond to the user on any device.


I’m a WordPress junkie so most of the sites I build for clients are on WordPress (although I am known to have a little fling on the side with Shopify and Business Catalyst from time to time).


Here’s a few recent projects:


One year ago Catering Catering were essentially a start up Auckland caterer. They had been operating under a franchise arrangement for a number of years and had decided to take the leap and “go it alone”.  One call with Merv  and we were on the same page – with the objective of producing a clean, easy to navigate site that was able to accommodate quite a lot of information and that made it super easy for clients to get in touch.  And get in touch they do! One year on and the site is generating loads of new enquiries every week and Catering Catering are experiencing an “above average” trade for their normally quite winter period.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wendy Eade from Eaden Sleepwear since we both started our respective businesses.  8 years and counting! Whilst much of my work with this innovative brand is Digital Marketing related, I had a blast building Eaden a new e-Commerce website. It’s clean, makes purchasing super easy and has an impressive conversion rate.  No sweat! (Read about Eaden and those 2 words will make sense!)

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The Webster Group are an impressive bunch of high tech corporate security types, so the brief for their new site was – high tech, clean, user friendly and had to convey one of the main reasons their client list reads like the who’s who of Australian business – their expertise and length of time in the industry. They wanted to educate existing and new clients on all of the varied services they offer. The difficult part was not being able to say who they do it for (all top secret stuff, secret squirrel stuff).  But let’s just say they are an impressive outfit, with a website to match!

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