I have one speed: FAST.  I have one focus: RESULTS.

Magic Has A Formula

Horror movies. Sharks. Credit card statements! These things are scary. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be!

You’re already an expert in your field. You don’t have to be the king or queen of marketing, too.  So, as a Digital Marketing Consultant & Freelancer, what is it exactly that I do? I help businesses attract, convert and retain customers. I will set the marketing road map for your business so you can make more money, and do it looking like an absolute pro.

So if you want to:

  • Carve out your niche and stand loud and proud in your corner of the internet;
  • Attract more customers and shoot a rocket up your sales and leads;
  • Most of all, actually sleep at night knowing your business is working its Jane Fonda butt off ‘round the clock;

I’ve got you. I take all the stress out of the equation & can help with:

01. Digital Strategy

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. I’m here to help you determine who to target and how. My talent lies in developing Digital Roadmaps, the ones that get you successfully to your destination – not the ones that take you through the dodgy backstreets.

02. Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing there are often so many things to do, and so little time. As a Digital Marketing Consultant & Freelancer I’m here to make digital marketing effortless. I will answer the question “What should I be doing” and help you do it, giving a seamless customer experience across all channels.

03. Awesome Websites

To get the best bang for your digital marketing buck, you need a website that is built well and appeals to your target market. Who wants to be just another site clogging up the internet? I’m all about talking to you in a language you will understand and will make building your new site a breeze.
Do you hate stale marketing tactics? I do too!

I am more than just the digital marketing consultant/guru/ninja you always wished you had in your friendship group. I’m your ready-to-work, internal marketing department (minus the office gossip and six-figure salaries).

Every business needs a special (and unique) kind of marketing TLC to be amazing. Let’s chat about working together – all you need is a modest marketing budget and a willingness to change.


Why Work With Me


I’d Like To Think I Know My Stuff

I bring 15+ years combined senior business management & marketing experience.  I’ve been mastering digital marketing since before most people even knew what it was.  Plus I’ve held the reigns of one of Australia’s great online success stories.  As a long standing Digital Marketing Consultant & Freelancer, I live and breathe this stuff and have the runs on the board to prove it.

I Dream Big With Small Budgets

I am used to making small budgets go a long way! I ‘get’ SME’s and that every dollar counts. Clients love that, in working with me, they are not only getting access to a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant without the 6 figure salary, but someone who can squeeze the most out of every marketing dollar – and get a kick out of doing it!

I’m All For Doing Myself Out Of A Job

I’m here to throw the traditional marketing agency model out the window. Sure, I can ‘do it all’ for you (and most clients prefer that I do!) but what I am most passionate about is creating sustainable businesses. I am all about getting in, helping you and showing you the ropes so you can do this stuff yourself (if you want to).  That said, I’m just as happy to stick around and handle everything for you.  I keep things super flexible.

I Do It All (Well Most Things)

Building websites, developing great digital strategies, digital marketing, designing stuff – I do it all, and where I can’t, I know someone who can. Gone are the days of managing multiple companies to get this ‘web stuff’ and marketing done. Sure doing it all might make me seem like a show off or control freak but I’m really not, it’s just easier this way. That said, I do play nice – so have no problem working with any existing vendors your business may use.
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